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Started in early 2013 by Recording Arts Canada alumni Nick Ginn, School House Studios is an independently run recording studio. At School House, we offer professional audio services to bands and artists at a price they can afford. The studio is located in a secluded, yet easily accessible area of Dundas, Ontario, providing the utmost ideal recording environment that every band is after.

At School House Studios, we we take our job seriously. Equipped and designed with acoustically treated rooms, a ProTools HD2 system, 24 channel control surface, 16 channels of simultaneous analog inputs and a wide selection of top of the line gear, School House Studios is able to capture the sound and vision of any musical genre that comes through its doors.

About School House Studios


At School House Studios, we offer services including but not limited to tracking, editing, mixing, and producing. We also offer studio rentals to freelance engineers and producers alike. Any of these services can be provided as a package, individually, or in any combination required to fit your specific recording needs.

Rates are available as:
- Project Rates
- Song Rates
- Day Rates
- Hourly Rates

Please make note that all projects require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure studio time. The remaining 50% is then required when the final product is handed to client.


The Studio

Housed in a newly renovated vintage schoolhouse, the 1,000 square foot studio is made up of a large live room, a comfortable control room and houses a lounge, kitchen and washroom. Located on a secluded property in Dundas, School House Studios is surrounded by lush forestry, making it the perfect place to escape the world and let your creative side take over.

The Live Room
At School House Studios, our live room was designed with an artists’ comfort in mind. While keeping the original vibe and creative atmosphere of the unique schoolhouse, the live room has been acoustically treated, thus providing the best possible sound from the instruments housed inside.

Our live room is able to handle any size recording session that comes its way. Featuring 16 mic inputs hardwired into the control room, a 14’ high ceiling, and just under 400 square feet of floor space, the live room is capable of pursuing a vast array of sounds, to say the least. From tracking big sounding drums and pianos, live bands and choirs, to tight sounding guitar and vocals, School House Studios can produce any sound, tone or feeling you wish your music to take.

The Control Room
Our control room was designed with attention to both isolation and acoustic properties. Being a floating room, the control room offers complete isolation from the rest of the studio. The 150 sq. ft. room has been properly treated. This means the sound coming from the speakers is as accurate as possible to the source being recorded, making it a breeze to set any desired tone.

For our control room, we’ve attained only the best gear: a Digidesign Control 24 console accompanied by a ProTools HD 2 system and Mac 8-core Intel computer, 16 channels of high quality preamps and outboard units and a set of Pelonis Model 42 and KRK monitors. School House Studios delivers the sound quality and creative atmosphere you would expect from a professional facility with plenty of seating, letting clients be as much involved in their project as they wish.

The Lounge & Everything Else
Need some space away from the music? Enjoy some time relaxing around the studio’s many sitting areas. The lounge and kitchen offer full amenities including a 32’ LCD TV, Xbox 360 with dozens of games, Netflix, Wifi access, coffee, tea and of course, a full kitchen.

Outside the schoolhouse offers just as many places for inspiration as the inside. With a small wooded area behind the studio, a friendly amount of wildlife and numerous sitting areas around the property, there are plenty of places to put life on hold and let the creative side take over.

Gear List

Recorder & Mixer
  • - Apple Intel Xeon Quad Core (6 GB RAM)
  • - ProTools HD2 running ProTools HD 8
  • - Digidesign 192 I/O (16 ins/8 outs)
  • - Digidesign Control 24 board w/ 16 Focusrite pres

Plug-ins & Other Software
  • - Reason 4.0
  • - Drumagog 5
  • - Melodyne
  • - UAD-2
  • - Countless plug-ins

Mic Pres/Outboard
  • - API 3124+
  • - Sytek MPX-4AII
  • - Vintech Dual 72
  • - Chandler Germanium
  • - Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

  • - AKG 414 (Condensor)
  • - AKG D112 (Dynamic)
  • - Berhinger C-2 (x2) (Condensor)
  • - Beyerdynamic M130 (x2) (Ribbon)
  • - Blue “The Ball” (Powered Dynamic)
  • - CAD GLX3000 (Condensor)
  • - Sennheiser 421 (x2) (Dynamic)
  • - Sennheiser E609 (Dynamic)
  • - Shure SM57 (x2) (Dynamic)
  • - Shure SM7b (Dynamic)

  • - Pelonis Model 42 Active Monitors
  • - KRK Rocket 8 Active Monitors
  • - Presonus HP-60 Headphone Amp

School House Studios Gear

Discography & Samples

E = Engineer    M = Mix    P = Produce    MA = Master

Bike Thiefs – Bloated EP (E/M/P)
Them Thieves – Prepro Batch 2 (E/M/P/MA)

Arrivals – Demo (E/M/P/MA)
Mayfield – The Fall Sessions (E/M/P)
The Deadly Hopefuls – Pretty Soon (E/M/P)
Lovers Love Liars – “That Bitch Taylor” (Single) (E/M/P/MA)
Within The Wreckage – “Shine” (Single) (E/M/P/MA)
Jetpacks To Jupitor – “You’re All I Ever Wanted” (Single) (E/M/MA)
Dreamers – Strictly Business EP (E/M/P)
Them Thieves – Prepro Batch 1 (E/M/P/MA)

Freelance Engineers who have chosen School House Studios to record projects at:

Steve Haines:
Last Scattering (Ghost Vision Records)
Hey Clown
Seducing Medusa

Danny Glover:
Nick The Rapper